You may quickly ask what is expository preaching. A simple definition is taking one section of scripture for the purpose of explanation, illustration, and application. This is done by examining the historical, grammatical, and literal context of a passage of scripture.

The following are 4 huge benefits of an expository style of preaching.

  1. It is the method least likely to stray from Scripture. This is because the sermon is focused on the text as we seek understanding of what is going on in the text.
  2. It enables (and sometimes forces!) the preacher to handle tough questions. Whether dealing with a section of scripture, or doing a series of messages on a larger portion of scripture, Pastor Juan, is forced to deal with what they text presents without avoiding it. This ensures that the full counsel of God is being preached and protects the church from potential pastor preaching on what he likes most.
  3. It gives confidence to the church and authorizes the sermon. The congregation can be confident that they received a “thus saith the Lord.” God had something to say this morning!
  4. It helps the congregation learn how to approach scripture as a whole and seek the context of a passage. When scripture is isolated it can easily be misapply or misunderstood. Expository preaching teach the congregation how to guard themselves against this when they encounter those who do misapply or misunderstand the word of God.

Although, we do not preach exclusively expository sermons they are the predominate style of sermons. Pastor Juan believes that the great gift a pastor can give a church is to teach it how to read, interpret, and apply the word of God for themselves. Therefore, expository preaching is a minister that helps fulfill this gift.

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