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Why do the OKC Thunder all wear the same uniform? To Identify that they are all on the same team. Why do married people wear wedding rings? To symbolize their commitment to a partner. Why do we Christians get baptized? To go public with our faith in Jesus Christ.

In the same way, church membership identifies your willingness to formally and publicly align with the vision, mission, values, and beliefs of Shield of Faith Baptist Church.

Experience shows that membership benefits the individual. In a culture where commitment is no longer highly valued, recognizable membership is an important step that moves each of us off the sidelines and into the game. It is letting the church leadership know, “You can count on me.” Members typically feel more ownership in the church. They feel like shareholders rather than spectators. They usually find it easier to connect with others and build lasting relationships.

So, while you won’t receive an engraved plaque or a reserved parking spot when you become a member, you will draw great satisfaction from knowing that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, something eternal. We want you to partner with us in fulfilling our purpose as a local church.

There are a few different ways to join Shield of Faith Baptist Church. You can indicate your desire to join by filling out the back of a Communication Card during one of our worship services. Just turn the card in during the offering or to an usher. You can also come forward during the invitation period of the service.